Yellow becomes the Desired Colour of the Pashmina Hub in 2018!

The yellow palette is ruling the fashion world, and Pashmina & Wraps are not far behind in the race with its various shades of yellow pashmina wraps.

The yellow hue has become everyone’s favourite. From Kim Kardashian to Ashley Graham, everyone is adorning the colour to look their summer best. It has become such a loved colour for its brightening factor that brings a smile in your face on a bright sunny day.

So, how can you add yellow to your wardrobe? Follow the latest fashion trends of 2018 to mark a witty and bold fashion statement this summer. Spice up these trends by adding a personal touch to your wardrobe. Go for cashmere pashmina wraps to stylise your clothes.

On-going trends of fashion 2018

Kimono coats

2018 brought with it this extremely stylish adaptation of traditional Japanese Kimono into a long trench coat that adds a zing to the most casual clothes you wear. You can wrap your yellow pashmina around your waistline like a belt to turn some major heads on the street.


Don’t think capes are exclusively for winters; style your summer clothing with a cape, and you won’t need anything else to create a bold fashion statement. You can team up your Cropped Pale Lemon Trouser Pants with a tank top and a cape. Believe us or not, you’ll look breath-taking in them!

Denim jackets with a twist

Along with scarves, you can reach for denim jackets any time of the year. However, the ones that now come with slits for air to enter are the go-to summer wardrobe accessory this year. Team it up with denim and white shirt or with your Yellow Cutwork Midi Bardot Dress from Dorothy Perkins. Pair it according to your style and carry any yellow wrap to add extra colour and oomph to the wardrobe.

Longer vests

The 70s blazers have now come with a twist in the form of longer vests that give a slimming effect to your body. Also, you can use the yellow cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf as a long vest with the dangling ends falling on your knees. It’s an effective way to stylise your simple tee that you’ve adorn for your college classes.

Pashmina & Wraps are making pashmina shawls for you to use them as a scarf or a wrap. They make this shawl which is handcrafted to excellence by experienced workers.

Pashmina is undoubtedly the most elegant fabric worldwide. The wraps are made from cashmere wool to ensure you get a phenomenal experience adorning them.

P&W opted for the yellow shawl colour this summer so that you can make a bold fashion statement this summer. Even though many people hesitate to wear this colour, if dressed appropriately, it can be subtle yet bold.

However, if you wish to set your fashion trends with the yellow pashmina, adorn it around your neckline with a Chi Chi Mandie Dress. It’s perfect for all occasions, from your office party to date night this teaming up of wardrobe can never fail.